LR (10-6-1969 / Milwaukee, WI)

Until The End

I've wondered for years what you'd be like. Trying to understand, for this just dosen't seem right. I can't even tell you what your looks are like. I have no clue as to who you are.

All I have ever wanted was something little, needing to say,
Hey Mister, it's me, your daughter you see.

It seems the the more I look the more I see just how easy you have forgotton about me.

You leave no trace, no marks that can be shown. You've left me with nothing but the unknown.There are no answers it seems to me you've had them swept out to sea.

I am filled with this pain and only you Dad can take it away. Why can't you see that even though you've passed away, my disappointment, tears, and pain will continue to remain..

Through all the confussion thats been made there's still one thing more I need to say,

I'll continue to love you Dad, until my ending days! !

by Lisa Rojo

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