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Can I Touch You

Can I touch you gently can I kiss you slow
On your lips, on your neck, maybe kiss below
I want to touch you gently so curious to know
If I can caress you slowly and let me show
You that my love is good and good indeed
That my sex is100 % guaranteed
To make you want and hunger me
Can I touch you there and make you see
To touch whats mine thats in between
Your legs of course, born to please
only u my love Can make me cream
Cream my panies and make me scream
Can I return the favor oh pretty please.
I want it right now no time to tease
Damn Im so thirsty I want you inside
to penetrate so deeply to make me cry
Not from being hurt, but to explode with lust
Please can I touch you Im not asking for much.

by Sharon Goodwin

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