Until Whenever... (Andros Loves Wonder Woman!)

Until... whenever... who can say?
Let's meet again another day...
Let's share the looks that lingered so
That voiced the love we hoped to know.
While we stood close, enough to kiss,
We both held back on joy we'd miss!
Our sense of duty stood between
Just like a thief to intervene
And steal away our minds and souls
To focus well on pressing goals!
Thus romance roamed the universe
As if true love to reimburse,
As if to end each crisis met,
To overcome what made us fret,
So we'd be free to live and love...
To share the joy there's none above,
Beneath the silver shining moon,
That all romantics call a boon...
Until... whenever... who can say?
I'll always love you, come what may!
I've seen your strength and courage, too!
Like me, a sense of duty's due...
Yet bid me come within your dreams,
Apart from duty's hard extremes,
So I might hold you in my arms -
Away from fears and harsh alarms...
Away somewhere, some time alone...
Beneath the stars till love has grown,
So that we'd never want to wake -
To feel again the awesome ache...
Of lovers forced to live apart -
Each lover sighing hand-on-heart...
Princess, friend and Wonder Woman!
All three to me, now love has come...
I'll offer prayers by night and day...
I'll always love you... come what may...

by Denis Martindale

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