Until You Dream

Yes it is our own world we made to live
To find the love around and believe
Is it not convincing you about whole concept?
People admit having gone under duress and wept?

It is age that compels you to long for
Fragrance and flowers always sought for
May form impregnable fortress with gates
Love may only matter without any hate

It may be called insane or selfish
We may want to change it with very good wish
It may or may not be changed
Better we stay among as well managed

Nothing can be realized until you dream
No victory possible without forming team
Life is to be sailed with one man as leader
Lead or fail and later assess as reader

Love is meant for to grow
River water has to flow
Sun has to rise and set
We should believe everything and not forget

It may bring all kind of happiness
It may never fail you when look back or face
It is full of wisdom and well chosen path with precision
The ultimate result may rest with your own decision

by Hasmukh Amathalal

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