Untiled Kinda Feeling

Its easier to pretend then be completely real
And I’ve never been fake but you I will be
I wont be totally changed because im still sincere
But I’ll jus put on a smile when ur with her from ear to ear
And instead of a mouth watering kiss when I see you
I’ll jus give you a hug like all friends do
But inside I can’t help but to think your holding back
And I’ll keep my feelings concealed because I don’t know how you’ll react
But if I had to guess, you’d push it all to the side
Try too much to rationalize
because you don’t wanna be caught with ur heart on the line
Too much like suicide
And me im too much of a coward to tell you
Afraid of being damaged, neglected, and rejected
And im so tired of being unsure which way this is going
So I’ll just take the risk in never knowing
Never knowing if this could sink or swim
If we tried again
Don’t know if the chances were large or slim
So its about time I let you go
Embrace my position
And I’ll keep you close to my heart and apart of my soul
And I’ll stop hoping and wishing
And know that your no longer my goal
And that I failed this mission

by jasmine margetson

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keep the dude apart from your soul or you will rue the day you let him in sink or swim on your own