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You keep saying I'm an old guy
So you stand out now to show yourself
How young you're, and how pretty you're
I tell you I have what you dont have
I will have classes to attend
I will have the life that I manage myself
But you can keep hiding away
And consistently talking about me

Don't you know
Old and Ugly are two different conception
I am old, I used to be pretty
but if I'm ugly, I was never ever being pretty!
the color's faded, but it depends on
which one it compares
to the certain ones, It's still working

You're such a wonderful
I guess I would never see such a beauty as you
You're not one of the ppl I met
So dogged, slowly ascending from the bottom

You can make a joke for an old guy's
small line lips
the perfect line it rows
Then ask, why's the lips of a man
better than which of mine?

You claimed urself as how intelligent and talented you're
But if you a little bit are, then would better turn your attention
apart from me
Or the war will never end, and you
are never irrelevant

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