Untitled 1 (Inspired By Song Of Songs)

Poem By Modupeola Williams


There he comes my beloved,
He hair shines golden like summer wheat.
He speaks, and I am swayed like a flower in the breeze.
Shall I dance for you my love?
Your voice is a beautiful song,
A melody I never tire of hearing-speak again,
My name on your lips is like honey
So sweet, like nectar from ripe fruit,
Always I am hungry for the taste.


Oh my love, how beautiful you are my treasure.
So graceful is my bride, when she moves the air goes still.
Your beauty, my love causes all to stare
Captivated by the sight of you.
Your eyes, your hair, your skin
From the petals of roses, God did form your lips.
Come kiss me.


A thousand times ten-thousand are the kisses that belong to you,
Like the stars in the heavens- too many to measure
So is the affection I bear you.
My Beloved how my heart thunders at the sight of you
Your embrace is a most precious gift


Most precious is my bride.
Flesh of my flesh,
Beauty follows her and wisdom flows through her veins
What man is worthy of such a helper?
Who in all the land is deserving?
By God's grace alone do I call you my own


My Beloved stay close by me,
The bride longs to hold her husband's hand.


What is a hand?
Come my love,
Let my hands hold your hands,
My arms your arms,
My eyes your eyes,
My lips your lips,
Most beautiful of women,
My heart your heart.


Most lovely is my Beloved


Most beautiful is my Bride

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