Poem By David Valkyr

Im going to rape you.
To make all the nightmares
you’ve ever seen seem serene.
The more you scream the more you bring my fantasy to life.
This seething darkness holds captive my love,
writhing, squirming, shaking once again.
Your eyes like innocent, shining wells of hope,
A blue purity to be matched by the sky.
Mine, a blackness created by drunk hate,
burning, coursing through my veins.

Im going to molest you.
To close your eyes and fall away.
A haunting dream that returns to your mind
and makes the darkest of hours seem trivial.
Your tears don’t fall,
they crash around me.
Nothing matters anymore,
nothing but the searing pain.
My hands stained with sin for no man to forgive.

I’m going to suffocate you.
To steal the essence of tomorrow
from the times that are today.
Drown you in all the sorrows that envelope a world so cold.
Tightened in my warm fist,
the promise of another day.
For all the pain you’ve caused me,
Im saddened for all I’ve done.
With an out-stetched hand I plead,
Save me once again
before I hate myself to death.

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