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I’ve lost my thought in time
Searching for a rhythm or a simple rhyme
To express through my chest the rhythm flows to bring me in and hold me close
To help me find the one I need most
Forgive me now for the drama I start
Forgive me if I prance around like some tart
I mean not what I do but what I say to you:
I love you

Now do you say this back with the confidence in your eyes?
Or do I turn with the time to demise
These three words we preach about for years
But somehow they always bring us tears
The joy and the sadness for generations to come
I’ve lived my whole life a knot undone

The way things should be has never worked for me

There’s things I know, have been through
That even if I told you, you wouldn’t understand until I reach out and grasp your hand
As the tears flow you see now
How I will always be around
For my siblings they were there and now it’s my turn to show fair

So look me in the eyes and tell me through your cries
Everything’s going to be okay
This relationship will last but another day
Till tomorrow and the next until we give it some rest
Cry; cry till we ace this test

This test called love

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