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I have been in love before
But nothing compares to this
You've touched my heart
In places others have always missed

Many nights I lay and wonder
How can I can feel for you this much
Without ever having seen you
Or having felt your touch

Just the way you talk to me,
you dont know how it makes me feel
You have really touched my heart
It all seems so unreal

I cant wait to meet you
Even though you live so far away
Hopefully i will get to meet you
face to face will really make my day

<3 You know who you are And You know where u stand

by Melz ...

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Mai, why would you make such a strange remark? Falling in love with someone can happen (a few venues come to mind) : In a bar. On the street. In a hospital. In a brothel.In your dreams. At a funeral.At you best friend's wedding (with the bride) . Why not on the net? You mean no photo? No personal 'viewing'? With the exception of the missing pheromone exchange (smell each other) you have no case at all. CYBERLOVE. H
Falling in love with someone over the internet...how tragic and stupid.
A title would be simply FONDER