JD ( / Foxrock, Dublin)


Do you know the fear of the earthworm?
See it battling with idols,
Drowning in an ocean of confusion and fire.
Trapped by vampires who do murder,
Down the bloody battlefields
Of centuries at war with my brother.
On the great moving masses of our earth I lie,
Waiting for immortal sleep to come
And abide in my dreaming,
Of fathomless days ‘neath a great sea of hope,
Searching for that unending joy,
Not earthbound,
Nor suspended from some unwanted sorrow.
O ancient fathers’ of my earlier days,
Raise up my spirit before the blazing sun
So that it may be redeemed by the ‘Light’
Of our new and aged hopes.
All is well!
The light shall fade no more,
This joy shall forever abide,
The great rivers shall now be freed to flow,
Sending their soft ripples of reflecting beauty
Into the dreams’ of moon-lit night.
See the kingdom of the new dawn that awaits us,
Once a flickering candle-light in a window
At dead of night
Become a god before innocent eyes.
The pains and travail of our darkened earth,
Shall become the music of ‘the new age’
All shall die and be forn again,
In a new and lasting beauty.
I shall watch for You in the nighr
When in my mind I am sleeping
I shall climb a thousand peaks in my dreaming ‘till I find You.
I shall fight the battles of the ages,
‘Till Imay no longer hold the sword
As a child You gave me in my dreams.
I shall die a thousand deaths or more,
And in my heart treasure the soul You gave me.
I shall mourn and weep,
Yea - I shall sing and reap
‘Till You come and find me.
I shall await
Speaking only of You in my dreams.
I shall be silent
Until out of Heaven You shall come,
And arrest me in my tears.

by John Doyle

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