What Matter What Others Think Of You

What matter what others think of you if faults in you they seek to find
What counts is you be a good person that in your heart you are generous and kind
That you never harm anybody and try to live as good as you can
That is as much as anyone would expect of any woman or any man
'Tis true that some will find faults in you of others good things some never say
Suppose they can't help the way they are negative people are always this way
You are not shy in helping others you are caring and kind of heart
And in the passing of judgement on others you are one who never take part
For that is the behaviour of the ordinary others they like to criticize
Above the state of the quite ordinary they do not even try to rise
You seem sensitive of the negative judgements of the judgemental to their negative comments heed do not pay
Tomorrow it will be someone else who will be their topic of the day
You show to some a flowering garden and they only will see decay
Accept them for their ordinary behaviour for they will always be this way.

by Francis Duggan

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