AC (12-16-1981 DOD: everyday / )


all roads curve into one,
and all streams bend until they reach the ocean-
but life, bears no such certainty.
I wonder what the light knows of hell,
on this, finest day in all of september-

I remember, as a child
I'd walk the long wheat isles,
the sun always present. The crow's eye.
I used to watch it, burn and smolder
until the world became pitch black, invisible.

I am a bastards daughter-
my father left his wings to me,
I understand how Icarus felt:
to be so close to divinity,
only to be denied and put asunder
for wanting more than what mere wings can offer.

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Comments (3)

‘I know what it is to want more. I invented the concept.’ - Richard Gere in Pretty Woman. heart your first three lines. and wish you could take this one further. best care, Amberlee.
Another good one.Thank you.
This poem is really lovely. Thanks.