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This is what my eyes beheld, driving home one afternoon,
From the "Holier Than Thou" church, on Self Righteous Avenue.
There is a raging war it seems, on drugs we face today.
So bow your heads and close your eyes, as this prayer for all I pray….
Dear God:
Please stop this shameless ignorance
that spreads humiliation,
infecting young and tender minds,
with it's bullied education.
These highway billboard sinners,
make easy targets for to shame.
But help us to remember Lord,
that these faces all have names.
The hypocrites aren't kneeling down,
to ruin brand new panty hose,
just to see the throbbing pain
beneath sores on that girl's road.
And for those who mock and laugh
at ugly scars on huge display…
Remind them they have children too
upon which evil waits.
May self righteous egos shatter,
and learn "blessed are the meek",
as they look in pure disgust,
at those who have been weak.
I pray thee Lord for mercy.
And I pray thee Lord for grace,
for myself and any others
who have judged an addict's face.
And end this war that rages Lord,
of desperate times and measures.
But till then, through their pain,
may I never find cruel pleasure.

by tammy jennette

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