CJ (8-17-91 / Maury County, Tennessee)


Sing me a deadly lullaby, you better make it soft and sweet.
Hypnotize me, mesmerize me,
Put this broken heart to sleep.
Let me close my eyes, and let me rest inside your arms.
Bewilder me, confuse me, and let me open up my heart.

Feed me lies and pour me tears, its becoming an addiction.
Hold me close, and then push me away,
I’m starving for your affection.
Your kiss is filled with poison, it’s become my new obsession.
Smile at me, then glace away, I struggle for your attention.

Dance with me in the thunder, as it sings its pain filled tune
It’s my suicidal melody that’s been somewhat overused.
It’s the theme song to the lonely, to the broken, and abused.
To the beaten, to the friendless, to the hurting and the used.

Break it to me gently, don’t let the secret out just yet,
Don’t tell me you don’t love me, don’t you say I’m a regret.
Don’t say the thunder played for me, to put this girl to rest,
Don’t say it was my lullaby, I’m not tired just yet.

You didn't toy with my emotions, or mess with all my feelings.
Isn’t that what you guys do? It’s your form of brutal beatings.
You forgot to say you loved me, and you didn’t look in my eyes.
You forgot to lead me on a bit, I have yet to buy your lies.

So go on, just a little more, and I’ll be in the palm of your hand.
I just might fall in love with you, but I’m sure you’ll understand.
I’ll fall and you wont catch me, but I’m sure that was your plan.
But soon I will come back to you, I’ll be more than you can stand.

So listen to the music, my darling, it still is far from over.
I'll keep you safe from heartbreak, I'll be standing over your shoulder.
This masterpiece will force you into a deep and peaceful slumber.
After all, dear boy of mine, you are listening to the thunder.

It will tell a depressing story, as you start to fall asleep,
So lay your head to rest, my love.
and you’ll soon be mine to keep.

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Comments (3)

i luv this 1 2! ! ! i really like ur poems! ur so good @ writing.. always and forever JAde
I really liked this one. I was so full of life. I could sense the feelings in this poem. It's a very nice piece of work!
What an emotional poem! The images you've created are wonderful Crystal....almost a creepy sort of romance. Very good. Sincerely, Mary