AA (Nov.30th 1989 / )


I cry myself to sleep at night
So during the day no one can see
All the pain that I go through
Just cause I know that I cant have you
Your my love my heart my life
But I am without you
It hurts so badly
Hiding my feelings about you
To everyone besides a few
It still hurts cause I know I cant have you
It’s been one month we're together
But I can’t hold you in my arms
And say I hope you feel better
The hurting is only for a while
Until I see you in my eyes
And hold you tight just for one night
Or just one min
I just want you to know that
Baby your all that I got
I don’t want any other
So I’ll sit here in pain
And wait for that day
Now I just close my eyes
With my tears of hope
Rolling down my face

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