I Cried Yesterday, For You

My destiny has been chosen
The darkness bright, leaving me frozen
I fade away into the blackness of the day
I disappear into the shadows with nothing to say

My veil is invisible, my skin so pale
My bones brittle, my fingers frail
You might think it’s just another phase
Yet I have become a shadow – for it is no daze

The walls are me, I am black
My mouth is open, the muscles slack
The time ticks by, I lose track
Now, I am here – there is no going back.

The untamed fire that holds me
In the hollow of her hand,
Whispers tenderly to me
Words that no one will ever hear...

Fantasy, secrets, wishes...

The flame is guiding my steps;
I see its light games
As angels and shadows
Playing in the sky,
Flying through the clouds...

Moonlight, stars, dreamlike melodies...

My broken heart is trying to heal now,
By the whispers of this Great Fire,
My once weak body will soon be strong,
Fire and stormy delight
Are playing inside my eyes
As crawling whispers!

I am leaving the shadows behind,
I am home and the omen has been broken!
As stormy clouds disappear
And the rays of light bring the pleasure,
The doom has lost its power over me,
As the storm loses its strength...
Little by little...


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