Fundamental Beliefs About The Creator Allah

Undoubtedly Allah Suhan ta'ala is Eternal,
The All-Hearing
The All-Seeing,
The Granter of Good,
The Helper in Need,
The Creator and The Owner of the Universe,
The Curer of Sickness and The Comforter of Pain.
Allah is he who is Wealthy, magnificent and Independent, but a servant is always in need and dependent on someone, his status is that he is always in control of someone else.
Alah is he who is totally Independent and Self-sufficient,
He is the Wealthiest of all and carefree of everything.
"Allah swt is the independent and wants free."
(Perfect, does not require anything.)
[Surah Ikhlas 112: 2]
He is Father to no one nor born of anyone.
["He has no offspring, nor is He born from anything."
[Surah Ikhlas 112: 3]
Finally, Allah swt declares:
And there is nothing similar/equal to Him.
[Surah Ikhlas 112: 4]
This is certainly so because everyone and everything is dependent on Allah swt and exists due to Him and it is He who fulfills the needs of everyone. In other Ayahs Allah swt says:
And Allah swt is Carefree and Independent of the Universe. [Surah Al-Imran 3: 97]
Allah swt is Wealthy and Independent and you are poor and dependent.35/15
Allah swt is not in need of any assistance because of weakness and dependence.17: 111
Allah swt did not get tired creating the skies and earth.46: 34
These are the factors of differentiation where the servant remains a servant and Elah remains Elah.
The Holy Quran:
" Allah swt Sees and Hears"
"Allah swt says man also sees and hears"
" Allah swt is Alive and the servants are also alive" "With all these similarities Allah swt is Elah and human beings are His servants"
"This is because Allah swt is Carefree and Independent while man is careless and totally dependent on Allah swt to exist"
"It is Allah swt Who has entrusted the qualities to his servants and Allah swt possesses the power to strip them of these qualities when and how he ordains"

(little editing and help taken from Ahmed Nizam Biabani's notes for free preaching))

by Rustic messenger

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