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I dreamed to nothing
Of circles
There was one
The amount of loves in the world
Do not outnumber one.
Thinking I am, I was,
As true as one in three
I could run a quick string
Made of broken hearts.
There is a beautiful chain
Of one hearts
Of souls crossing an ocean.
He would know that reality was
Very far away.
That the corpse in my life
Was as dangerous as such time.
I know I am entering a building.
In leaving the world, for many,
I receive as much as a breath.
So a perfect one is gone.
Going may be coming as we passed.
I watched this most beautiful going on
Be going on into the world.
A departure has many names by
A single name lives on eternally
In the stranger.
I had known a joy love, a money
Love, a desire…
The shadow of death to the Sufi
Was for the first moment a
He would complete the circle
Of weakness in his life
As an answer of strength to all.
It was a righting a-last act
Of love.
The truth about a heart.
The truth of a heart
I wanted you to be you
I wanted to be I.
A love letter to an old man
Is made of the rock itself.
How would you destroy it –
Life goes into life –
That is love.
So complete, having fulfilled a mission
It may be that is what I wanted too.

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