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Poem By g.ella m.w

last night i felt my heart break
u drove up and as soon as i saw u i felt that familiar ache
u were all dressed up
it was hard to look at u
hard to look because i know i still want u
i stood outside for a little bit
i listened to ur footsteps as u walked around in ur room upstairs
just knowing that ur in my vicinity makes my heart skip
my mind loses its focus

i walked up the stairs into the house
just as i closed the door behind me i looked up and there u stood
no words were said
i looked in ur eyes and quickly turned away
afraid that u would know what i was thinking
i stared at the ground hoping to find something clever or charming to say
but nothing came out

there were flowers on the table
and in a mocking voice i asked where they were from
their answer was quick and sharp
and that's when it happened
i felt my heart break

i casually walked away hoping they wouldn't see the hurt upon my face
or see the foolishness that i felt
as i stopped at the bottom of the steps
i heard their footsteps fade away as they walked back up the stairs to their room
i stood there for a moment, breathing
breathing in their air
smelling their scent and missing them, wishing i was the one

[i don't know why they're my obsession
if only i could figure out what it is about them that leaves me breathless
if i can do that, then maybe i can stop this.]

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