As my head touches the pillow,
I hear my child, next door,
Sob as if her heart were breaking,
Like she'll cry for evermore.

Tiptoeing softly along the landing,
Wiping my tears as I go.
To wrap my arms around her,
My distress, I mustn't show.

I hold her in my arms real tight,
'Hush daughter, let me say,
To remember daddy's with you,
We didn't say goodbye today.

For your dad, he's always with you,
In your thoughts and in your heart.
He'll be with us all forever,
Because, of us, he is a part.

So come child, dry your eyes now,
Please remember you make sure,
That your dad, who lives inside you,
Knows you're not crying anymore.'

by Lizzy Tomlinson

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Touching and loving. Warm regards, Gina.