Love is what bends us together; it's knowing how
to feel and care
Love finds its pleasure in a heart that teaches
us how to give and share

For it's the heart that speaks a silent message
and the wise who listen and heed
And only if we know the art of giving, can we
know how to interpret its need

It's only by understanding those we love can we
endure during time of sorrow
And it's this type of enduring and knowing how
to give that makes for a better tomorrow

So cherish the love you're sharing with family, child
and friend and let its strength from you never depart
For the world is filled with beauty when
love dwells within the heart.

And if we work with a loving heart toward family;
friend and youth of today we can have a winning team
As we venture toward gainful goals with extended
hand we can create life's winning dream.

For like leaves that have their time to fall and
flower's that wither with the turn of life's wheel
Let us remember once life takes a soul that has
flourished thru the years the lack of a loving heart
can leave us with a hurt to feel.

by Irene Bortolot

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