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Poem By Bet Ward

Moonlit night,
Dream beneath the moon at night.
Heavens stars are shining bright,
waiting for the sun to appear. Morning sun,
I can see the morning sun.
When dawn arrives the dark will run.
He's running far from here. Eagles fly 'cause they are free.
The eagles fly.
They spread their wings and cross the sky
They fly away from fear. Thunder roars,
I can hear him shouting... More...
as he waits for rain to pour
into cups of thirsty fields. Flowers grow,
When they're fed,
the flowers grow.
Life's curtains open for the show,
Colored gardens, Grass rainbows. People smile,
Everywhere they reconcile,
They all shake hands and laugh awhile,
and then they disappear. As seasons die,
When they grow old,
the seasons die,
but no one stops to ask them why.
They will return again.

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