The night that Mi Mi died.
On the sixteenth of November,
A cold and snowy day.
Although she showed no illness,
Our Mi Mi passed away.

She went to bed at twelve o'clock,
We heard her bark near one,
But when we awoke at day brake,
Our Mi Mi girl was gone.

She was just a little poodle,
That was always at our side.
And I am sure we won't forget,
The night that Mi Mi died.

We still have Mi Mi's real good friend,
Fe Fe is her name
Mi Mi snapped her often.
But she loved her just the same.

She was our friend for fifteen years,
And it hurt to see her die.
But we know she's in poodle heaven,
And we must say our last good bye...Good bye Mi Mi.

Now Mi Mi went to Heaven.
When her life on earth was through,
And she sent us back an angel,
So we named her Mi Me two.

Our Mi Mi two is feisty,
And we are getting old.
But Mi Mi two keeps us going,
God bless her loving soul.

Nothing can replace our Mi Mi,
But the truth we now must face,
Our Mi Mi is trying hard.
To fill our Mi Mi place.

by Charles F. Pollitt

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