In the "House of the Pure" I long to dwell.
Visions have fortold my peace of mind is mine to keep.
For it's the restful sleep, now put upon me, forever mine at last!
Only way I have ever longed for my life to be.
Now one certain night, a vision appeared Jim
Upon a sandy brown white masked horse.
My friend came galloping straight toward me,
His hand held out-softly touched me.
Inviting me to fly out of this world;
Together he and I would ride.
Hard-earned feathers (our headdress-a king's crown)
We have conquered now-conceived as one.
Our lives down here we spent doing "hard time."
Escape from the prison-minds intertwined with the passion always withheld, Deep in our heart no one would ever find.
He and I compared to pieces of lifes' puzzle, just now united
And the only two that would ever fit together.
Far beyond the broken - down sunset,
From world to world, separated, misplaced in different times.
Had a feeling-someday I knew we would never be able to forsake
The one vow-made only thru the passion of poetry and the temptation of lust.
Poetry is how we make 'our' love.
So now - the first time I am able to see you
Now able to read what your eyes are saying -
Your arms reach out to me hoping "you" I will always keep.
Did not know-in our time- how much we would need each other.
Hurry! run with me, fly away, No one can see.
Our souls have now vanished in the clouds high above.
Look down now (so far away-so much above) the world below us
We could not love-for no one ever unconditionally loved us.
Now that we are so high up
Do you not wonder if we will ever go back down,
Back down to "Motherless Earth"?

by Jenny Farmer

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