There’s all kinds of people in this world
Tall, short, black, and white. There’s all kinds of people in the world.
Take a good look around you and you’ll see! The march of the crowd can leave you mixed up and senseless. Barn doors open and the horse is coming out. Leave the car keys alone!
The time for chatter is over. It’s going to be a good day. Think positive!
Moon glow over Miami and the time is right to walk and see the beauty that lurks in the night.
New England is wet and the stores are crowded. Birds fly overhead and droppings can be found if you look hard enough. There’s a picture that hangs on my wall of a little boy playing with a ball.
The mountains surround our town and trees that flow through the breeze. Basking in the sunshine on a mid summer’s day.

by Mario William Vitale

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