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Poem By Kay Davies

When you look at me, what is it that you see
Is it everything you've dreamed of or is it merely fantasy
Do you look at the outer part, or can you see within.
Can you see the flaws and lines, or do you see perfect skin? Can you close your eyes and see me there, when we are miles apart
Can you feel love beating, like music in our hearts.
Do you ever get so lovely, you don't know what to do.
Has someone ever hurt you, as lovers often do? Can you climb the highest mountain, or swim to the ocean floor.
Can you see every rainbow, or do you search for more?
If it's the secret of life you're after, I'll tell you what to do
don't' search the whole world over ... The truth's inside of .... you!!! Touch the Elements Rain drops look like crystals, as they trickle down your face
Snow can fall upon your head, and cover it like lace
Highlights are enhanced, by the sunlight on your hair
Wind can give a cheery glow, to complexion really fair. Look towards the night skies, stars cast reflections in your eyes
Moon beams bless your face. with all elegance and grace.
Smell the purple Heather, caress the whitest rose
Let the scent enfold you, from your head unto you toes.

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