Where earth meets sky, around the world
A golden thread is softly curled
And then from sleep thus slowly torn
The angel of the day is born

To herald yet another dawn

Encircling all with dazzling rings
As phoenix-like he spreads his wings
And so unveils his gleaming light
Shining, incandescent, bright

To steal the shadows of the night

And clouds aflame with burning glow
With red and amber lit below -
There scarce could be more beauteous play
Than when the night turns into day

And when the dark is chased away

For at the rising of the sun
Another day has yet begun
Another day, your way to find
Another day within your mind

Another day... are you still blind?

Step, step, step this way
Into the brightness of the day
Into the world of beauteous play
After the dark is chased away

by Valerie Dohren

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