We stare straight into each other’s eyes as you pull in for the kiss,
Hand in hand, heart to heart, surrounded by true love and bliss,
Your lips lock mine gently and our love freezes time,
But even though time is frozen our love continues to climb,
It can’t be stopped for it’s as free as a bird,
You can say so much without even uttering a word,
As we pull away slowly we both smile,
Hand still in hand we talk for awhile,
I love you more than I could ever say,
I’ve never loved anyone or anything this way,
If I could have one wish it’d be,
That I would always love you and you’d always love me,
I hope this wish will come true,
But either way I’ll always love you,
And I hope we last forever and always,
For I want to spend with you all of my days.

by Kelsey Pearson

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