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Blow out the last candle
Let the darkness slip into the room
Silence piercing
I wish I could stop crying
I wish I still had you in my arms
But I have nothing to cling to
Nothing to cry on
Nothing to hold me like I once was held
I have to just breathe and calm down
But I can't
The air is freezing my lungs
It's empty
Nothing is as wonderful as it used to be
You see me smile
Applaud me
For the smiles are so difficult to fake
But I succeed in making you believe
That I'm fine
That I'm okay
That I'm over it
But, look deep in my eyes
See the real me gushing out
Don't break me like you did
Hold me in your arms again
Since that is where all my dreams lie
That is where my soul is
That is where my heart is

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