JM (8/2/87 - future appointment with God. / Olathe, Kansas)


fallen past the ones who tripped
tripping deeper to abyss
who's past is this that takes my breath?
a bloodied Man, beaten and shamed
blinding me as He stares into my soul
momentary defeat is His song
His blood runs down my chest
skipping with the beat of my heart

drowning past the ones who sink
sinking deeper in maroon
what's past is gone, taking death
along this road diseased with sins
commited sins of past regret
covered sins of men.
sins... the death of sins
brings life for men.


by Joshua Manis

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: / LOTS of feeling and deep thought. Omg... im at a loss for words for onlii one with true hurt... experienced.. loss... and.. yet all in all a bittersweet joy could have written this... great job Missy