Everything around me seemed so dull and grey,
the reason for my being seemed out of way.
There are times when u simply can't bear it anymore,
and then even the most beautiful creation seems to be in despair.

I reposed to my crouch in a spirit that was low,
and tried to see hope but everything seemed hollow.
I cried and cried till i could cry nomore,
for my heart was to heavy to carry it anymore.

Before I knew, I fell into a deep slumber,
I was soon standing in a world full of wonder.
The people around seemed so expressionless and pale,
It seemed to me that they were devoid of any life.

And soon I was disgusted as I couldn't stand it any further,
To everyone else, I should have been the happiest rather.
Everything was perfect but was so bizzare,
I was so suffocated that I woke up with a startle.

I soon saw a realization sink in me,
that without distress, happiness was so incomplete.
In the absence of evil, good couldnot be worshipped,
there could be no spark of hope, unless one had been truly despaired.

We have got to live inspite of all odds,
we have got to fight back when things go wrong.
And when the world around seems to have come to an end,
that is when the game has truly begun.

Joana Bluememthal.

by joana bluementhal

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