Tears fill the eyes
of all who's there,
standing there watching
they are filled with despair.

He walks up to her
as memories come back,
of times together
soon fade to black.

He takes his ring
slides it on her finger,
kissing her hand
he prays for forgiveness.
Knowing that this
would be the last time,
he slowly let's the tears
fall from his eyes.

As they lowered the coffin
of this teenage girl
he blamed himself
for this loss of life.

Her parents grief stricken
so was her sister,
her school friends looked onwards,
to this life lesson.

Now she was lying
in the ground
he promises to turn
his life around.

For her only
he will prevail,
letting everyone know
that drug's can kill.

It was too late for her
but there is still a chance,
that he can save others
and give them a life
that she can't have.

by laurajayne Kennedy

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