MM (1991 / Bastrop, LA)


A young soul caught in the hands of fate.
It couldn't havce been stopped; it was way too late.
A gun, his best friend
Soon became his untimely end.
A single witness saw how it all happened
A close friend, companion; now all alone,
Witnessed a death, someone to never go home.
Had it been the friend, all would be right,
They'd both be alive and well tonight.
Instead, the companions are temporarily apart
All the same he's still in our hearts.

Forever and always, he will be
Maybe not for you, but he will for me.
Oh, how we miss him...
But what about his girlfriend?
She's good...
She's still troubled as anyone would
Be after losing a loved one like that.
I know... been there, done that.

I, too lost someone to a single bullet.
Her finger on the trigger, she just had to pull it.
Life was tough and things were piling up
That single note messed everyone up.

Another loss was bestowed upon me not too long ago.
This time, a train caused my pain and sorrow.
A young mother and tiny baby
If only they'd survived, things'd be different. Maybe.

Sad times are no stranger to my soul.
Everything I feel, no one will know.
These events have made everything hard
Like trying to play solitaire when you're short one card.
My life is incomplete, as are many others
We all experienced loss, especially their mothers.

Keep this in mind when things are going wrong:
Live life to the fullest for you might not have long.

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Meagan, this is heart-renderingly beautiful. And gets the point, and to the point, and to the emotions also; and in a well-crafted piece, I think. I think any reader would want to reach out and hug. Can I suggest that you spell-check and grammar-check through the future pieces that I, for one, would like to see posted by you?