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DC Daniel Chapman (AUG 04 1982 / DETROIT)


You tell me its ok and to be strong
You tell me you understand and Im not all alone
You tell me to keep my head up
You tell me its alright and never give up
Im not ok and cant be strong
Theres nothing you can say cause I still feel all alone
Cant keep my head up cause the weight is so heavy
I want to give up cause I know im ready
Dont pat me on the back or on the shoulder
It feels like someone hit my heart with a boulder
I hate life and it hates me too
This is not the world for me and maybe not you
Enough of this poem dont know what to say
Just leave me alone cause I want to be hurt today

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Last line should have said - 'cause I just want to hurt today. You do such a good job of expressing realistic feelings. Read mine - Everybody Has Had Somebody - Adeline