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JIL Jade in love ( / )


Lost in a world
of deceit and dispair
Surrounded by people
Who dont really care

Pretending to be
Someone were not
We're taking our lives
And casting lots

Hoping and praying
For the perfect life
To find a reason
And for our dreams to take flight

Searching for a purpose
With little hope
We're being lead blinding
But sadly we wont

We wont ever find
What were looking for
Were stranded on this beach
On this lonley shore.

There's nothing to live for
Yet no reason to die
We're surrounded by
your many lies

You've fooled us
over and over again
but now i know
you were never my friend

We fell for your stories
woven with lies
But now we know
and your left to die

For no one will save you
for what you've done
your pulling the trigger
love lost through a gun

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JADEEE! ! ! ! lookie I made an account thingy! ! ! ! you should come read some of my poems! ! ! ! ! lol but yeah I love this poem and I think that I know who it was about