ALA ( / New River, Arizona)


I love to wake to the song of birds
and the busy sound of humming bees
See the sky of soft blue
With the seashore peeping threw.
Hear the wind whispering threw the trees
See the smile of a friend so dear
And the soft touch knowing he is near
Thinking of the wonderful love we share
To know how much we both care
Our sweet moments to remember
To hold mainly in your heart forever
Quietly walking life's long pathway
Feeling loved secure and so happy
Your the sweet song in my heart
That sings even when we are apart
To trust your love without doubt
That's what friendship is all about.
God in His wisdom knew
Life is best when shared by two
So how loved I forget you
Your a part of everything I do
When the shadows lighten into night
I hold your gift of love real tight
Closing my eyes in peaceful thoughts
Knowing your the joy and peace I sought.
If in the future we should part.
I'd still hold the memories deep in my heart
But best of all to keep our love alive forever
And help each other is my endeavor.
Your my castle in the air
You'll never know how much I care.

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