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I've been blinded by your light
for I've been lying awake at night,
praying for answers, to end this plight.
been hoping that im alright
I've been closing my eyes too tight
trying to keep out your light
Wondering if i will sleep tonight
Cause this brings thoughts
that I never thought would
Always hoping that they'd pan out
Still ingesting, your stench loomes about
Now my lungs seem to be filled with doubt
its not so much the heat it brings
but the writhing it brings about inside

Im freezing inside
I shouldn't let it slide
my sickness is waiting in line

This weight from you, is much to bear
cut the strings, left me unaware
you've sent me to my knees,
Things like this infect me every day
While its disease is in me I feel okay
But the voices say I should get away
Let me go for just one more day

Ive got to erase myself,
folding, It covers up what ive been dealt,
it seems the only way that helped
you cant be the medicate to this self,
Must cover up what I have felt, it seems the only way

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Take my pen, write this down?
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