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FF (1-22-94 / kenya, africa)


Poem By Faduma Fiasco

do you feel the way i do?
are you telling a lie or saying what's true?
do you go day thru day feelin blue?
feelin stepped on, walked on, lied to?
do you hate geting 2gether with your so-called 'friends'?
do you hate the fact that they alwayz pretend?
2 love, to care, to share the fears when all thats happening
iz you shedding your tears!
why go thru the sorrow the sadness the pain, the lying
the hatered the names?

well, I dont feel like that anymore.........
cuz now I know allah's guidence is wat i strived for! ! !

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Comments (2)

I think this is a great poem! ! It' short, but true!
This poem is very good but i know ypou could do better this is coming from your friend Asia