Never Stop

Never stop loving
Never stop living
Never stop caring
Its never too late

Never stop seeing
Never stop touching
Never stop treating
Before its too late

Never stop dreaming
Never stop hoping
Never stop helping
I will always be there

by Poetic Justice

Comments (4)

Don't know much about the formality of poetry, but this one made me weak in the knees and sobbing in my hanky.If you knew me you would know what high praise this is.
Thank you Debra, for four truly wonderful poems. More please?
You are a true and wonderful poet. Again, you have delivered another beautiful piece. Just one little thing, that you might want to look at: - 'That look that he had that said without words' for me would read better like this 'That look that he had, that said without words' Otherwise, it is a perfect read. What a pleasure to meet you. Kind regards Gyp's
Debra, you must have loved him very much, because I too have lost a love like that, and I know how it feels. Good work, Scarlett