Set adrift in an ocean of twisted dreams
Lost in the tide of mindless screams
Calling for help, crying for salvation
The desperate pleas of an ancient nation
Who turn eyes to a burning sky
In the hopes someday spirits will fly
The fatal caress of hands on bodies
The burning passion that eventually eddies
The death of hearts turned to ice
The sins of the flesh turned to vice
Mortality just a word to be bandied about
Never a mind so devout
Revelling in such immoral delights
Temptation sends forth her charging knights
Redemption - not a hope
Hanging by a length of rope
Soulless eyes in burning minds
Empty thoughts, forgotten signs
Spinning round a wicked ocean
Forever caught in hurtling motion
Birth and death the cycle goes
Where it ends, no one knows
Never good, never bad
Never happy, never sad
Not an emotion to spare
Never a memory to share
Timeless - not forgotten
Just a scent of something rotten
In a world gone to the dogs and back
Something's got to eventually crack.

by Fiona Burgess

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