Poem By Jess

Hate builds up inside of me
Ready to burst
Why does he do this to me
Treat me like i dont exist
Its like we play our own little game
Who is jealous the most
Its not fair
Why cant we just give up
And be friends again
LIke we were before
Before we started dating
Before all the shit happened
I just want to forget
And leave it all behind
Now that it has all happened
It seems as though im invisble to you
But yet you try to make me jealous
When all i want is our friendship back

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Cut To Deep

Blood dripping from her wrist
Trying to remember why she slit
Cold tears slowly fall from her broken eyes
Why is she always wanting to die


Shes smiling on the outside
Doesn't want anyone to know
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Cause on the inside she is dying


Cut to bleed
Cut to feel
Cut to know this is real
Cut to see


Wish some memories
Would just disappear
Especially the ones of you
Everytime I remember one

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