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Poem By Eli MorenoDrew


“Most people look at things and wish they were simpler. They tell me they wish they could be a kid again, when things were less complicated. Where the hardest choice of the day was watching “Spongebob Squarepants” or “Dexter’s Laboratory” and the worst punishment you could possibly get was Time-Out in your room.
Those were the simple days. No worries, no cares, just you and life, hand in hand doing whatever cliché you can think of.


My life was a little bit like that. Just add:

1. 2 cups of Divorced Parents
2. 1 stick of Custody Battle
3. ½ cup of Alcoholic Father
4. 1 tlbs. of Mother Losing Her Mind Trying To Make Things Better
5. 1 young, scared sister

Directions: Mix well in large bowl. Pre-Heat oven to 350 degrees, place into cooking pan well greased with “Juvenile Confusion”. Bake for 10 years or until writes poetry. (Hint: Add a little Depression for some spice)


My entire life I’ve been too much.

4th grade- too white
5th grade- too weak
6th grade- too annoying
7th grade- too moody
8th grade- too lazy
9th grade- too cocky
10th grade- too emotional

To my grandfather I’m too skinny. To my parents, I’m too curios. To my cousins, I’m too nosy. To my friends I was too smart.
I hated being too much. And for about ten days scattered neatly across my life, I hated life. I never attempted at my life because I was too afraid of Death. I never rebelled because I was too cowardly.

I try to forget my past, or just not remember it. I just try and think of the good things that were randomly placed in there. Sometimes, well okay, most of the times I tell myself that the past is what makes me now. I’m fine now, for now.


I have mixed feelings about my future.
-the Vague Eli
I’m so excited about my future.
-the Optimistic Eli
I am scared shitless about my future.
-the Honest Eli
I have no idea about my future.
-the Realistic Eli


Here’s how I wish it would be:

I want to go throughout high school with decent grades, and stay with my girlfriend. I want to continue writing. I want to go off to college with my wife and do well. Then I want to publish my book of poetry and get the money from that and pay for college and a condo somewhere. Then get a Masters in either History, Psychology, or English and teach one of those subjects at a local high school. I want to stay with my loving wife and have children with her when we’re both done with college. Then live a happy, easy life.


I’m liking my present. It’s all I can really control, and that’s what I like being: in control. I think I’ll stay like this.”

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Good write. Outlook on your life too. Recipe for Life.