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AC (11-14-1988 / El Paso)


Poem By Adrian Carrillo

ten minutes
you cannot escape
like the vulture i'll wait
till i can seal fates
i'll perch on that branch
never minding that sand
you continously step on

each forward thrust
kicks up dust
so i'll descend
and i'll bend your brittle bones
and ill hand you distortions unknown

and unknown you will be
as if inside a dream
but dont scream
for its dark, pitch black

the sun won't come back,
for now, i own the night
i dare you to dial, i dare you to talk
i dare to to make a sound, but no.

not tonight
i'll flee confrontation again
we'll remain friends..
we'll remain what we were, what we've been.

i'll instead write a letter, explaining frustrations,
and my PS will say
darling please don't relay
my frustrated words to you
cause i can give em out
but i can't take them

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