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Poem By Lex Newman

I never did like the feeling of my own home
Home was the havoc I wreaked
at whatever hour of the day
the yelling at cars and the graffiti wall nights
if and when they came
we ran like wind gazelles like trains running
we screamed revolution bloody peace
with stools and cardboard signs and knives
we acted out stealing crazed laughing partying dancing
knowing fully they were watching
I never understood the steady pattern of life
the same thing days after days days days
to disrupt was crime hate trouble murder
order was peace
Order wasnt peace! order was death shriveled destruction again and again!
O to wreck the order! To kill the silence deafness ignorance!
He was with me caught screaming running laughing trouble
brought there with surly guards grinning tired pleased ignorant
'im so glad you're here with me' as we hugged
his gentle caress around my body mine around his
'me too, my friend, me too.'

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