Here I am. Back in this place of emptiness. Back with all these questions spiraling through my head.. Why when every thing seems so perfect one lil thing can screw it all up? How long til I lose my sense of control? How long until I break free from this B. S. You try to explain it to anyone who will listen but nobody understands you, not even the ones who say they love you. Where am I suppose to turn once this thing overwhelms ever bone and muscle in my body, I sit here as it plays out in my head and it just feels like I have nobody. I don't know if it's fear itself that scares me or if there's much more under the surface. I know that everything isn't perfect. And I'm not asking for perfection, But how much worse could this possible get? How much more can I take. Why, Why won't you answer me? Huh? Hello.... Yeah 'm talking to you!

by Samantha Mellon

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