Poem By Lumvouris Webb

Convectional currents of love and hate
Running to balance both destiny and fate
Trying to control the powers of life
Yet failing to gain either type

Love and hate go hand in hand
As destiny and fate, together they stand
One without the other cannot be
Yet together they are not when looking at me

I used to be different, not in this state
But I let pain turn love into hate
That witch is the problem, that witch is to blame
If you knew what I do you'd feel the same

It was her who lied and cut out my heart
Her who stole and hurt me from the start
She's the reason my heart is black
She's the reason my heart is cracked

All in all, that witch cut me deep
But never again will I weep
I am who I am because of her
No matter how much I hate that damned curr

I am who I am, so to her I thank
Doesn't mean I'll forgive that skank
But sympathy I give for her current situation
For pregnant she is thanks to her contemplation.

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Rather hard...... this is wat i'd call a turbulence of emotion.....

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