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Poem By Briana Quinn

Departed yet united, we stand as one. Truth is revealed and lies take a turn for the worst. Anger left inside with no passage to escape from. Acrimoniously, I show you how i feel. Caring about it is blown away like dirt with erosion. My bloods hot with aberrant mind control. Unable to visualize decency and recognizing infidelity. Broken laws and blunt attitudes find us. Together we're hopeless; separated we disinegrate. Sitting in a bank of emptiness, we notice untutelary acts will get us no where. Watch as i walk away and leave you behind for i don't need you. You sit in silence cause you know i'm right. I enjoy proving you wrong even though it happens often. Bruises and strangulations to my heart is enough for me to move on.
Questions unanswered and statements not questioned. Forgiveness and honesty are supposed to be the main points but for now it seems as though it's revenge and secrets. But i'll turn away and begin to leave you in the trash heap you snuck your way out of.

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