Untitled (I - 76)

Don't let your past make you shamefaced.
For, we all have sinned, fallen from His grace.
You're now saved, He's washed you clean,
He'll change your walk, give you a new self-esteem.
So forget those things which are behind,
Just ask Jesus for a little peace of mind.

Untitled (I - 110) Jesus is my Everything... He's every professional in the books.
He's in everyplace, and everywhere His eyes can look.
He is my source for all I need,
He can perform miraculous deeds.
He'll be my friend right to the end,
and for me, His child...He will defend.
Why wouldn't you serve someone so true,
He has all the POWER, there's nothing He can't do.
Untitled (I - 147) I'm holding out my cup, just for you to fill
Enrich my soul with BLESSINGS, and let them overspill,
Flow onto my brother, who's lost without a will
To draw him to the waters, where your LOVE can be instilled.
Untitled (I - 82) None, but God knows the time.
Do take notice of the signs.
That infinite time is at hand,
There are rumors of wars, all over this land.
Even in the Galaxy, way up in the sky,
I know God's got Gabriel standing near by.
Mothers against daughters, fathers killing sons,
The Famines' taken thousands for food there was none.
Don't take for granted the warnings all around.
Soon we'll meet Jesus, when that great trumpet sounds.

by Debra K. Shaw-Pearson

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