Untitled (I - 96)

You've got a hotline to Jesus, call Him from your heart,
Call Him at the moment, the enemy throws at you his darts.
God's never too busy, He won't ever put you on hold,
His connection penetrates the heart, right into your soul.
By the way...this call is Free,
Something you can't get from AT&T. Untitled (I - 137) Plant my feet on a solid rock
So when the strong winds blow, I won't loose my spot.
Some torrential rains my even fall
But to Jesus I will call.
To Him who is mightier than I
Lord set my feet on high.

Untitled (I - 26) Don't forget what God has done
How many battles you've already won.
For strength comes in knowing where,
and just recalling how you got there.

Untitled (I - 77) Wouldn't it be dark and grim, if we didn't have Jesus on our side.
Some folk let the devil fool them, puff them all up with Pride..
I'm so glad He's my source, for I know who's really in charge
It's not the Visa, Discover, not even the Mastercard.
It's Jesus Christ, my Savior who supplies all my needs.
In Him I put all my trust, and in Him I do believe.

by Debra K. Shaw-Pearson

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