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Why did I think you were any different?
For it was painstakingly clear
That your heartless intentions
Have been anything but dear.

I told you what it was I didn’t want;
Who it was, I wouldn’t become.
Yet you still sought to try and change my mind-
Did you really think I was that dumb?

My first impression of you was a cold one.
And I really didn’t care.
But living in a world ruled by cynicism,
I thought, perhaps, I wasn’t being fair..

So I decided to try and open up
And before long, it was all there to see.
You were the ghost returned from my past~
Reminding me of what you never can be.

What I thought I saw in you
Only existed in my mind
For all your efforts, you have not sincerity
Your compassion hollow, not kind.

This is not your fault.
I had sought to save what had rotted through.
To try and put life back into a broken form.
I’m sorry to have done this to you.

I know you don’t understand.
And I will never fully explain
Just know that this was my mistake
And here, I just simply cannot remain.

by T.. Veronica

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